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BMM Marathi Shala in North America

BMM Shala Proudly presents the first E-calendar 2016

The Bruhan Maharashtra Mandal of North America instigated the “Marathi Shala” project with a passion and commitment to teach Marathi language and culture to the next generation. Since 1970, many Marathi Mandals were formed in various locations. Few interested persons started to teach Marathi Language to the children.

In Oct.2007, BMM initiated "Marathi Shala" project at the 2020 summit in Philadelphia., BMM executive appointed a task force committee (Sunanda Tumne, Vijaya Bapat and Asmita Joshi). Leena Deodhare served as a leader and liaison person to coordinate the affiliation groundwork between BMM and Bharati Vidyapeeth in Pune, Maharashtra. India.

In June 2008, Sunanda Tumne and Vijaya Bapat developed and produced the BMM Marathi Shala curriculum and guidelines with contributions from many experienced teachers. The Bharati Vidyapeeth approved the curriculum. BMM and Bharati Vidyapeeth signed the MOU to support the project in April 2009.

BMM established a pilot project with 7 Mandals. Sunanda Tumne spearheaded the project. BMM and BV had first Marathi Bhasha exams in June 2011. At present there are 32 Mandals participating and following the BMM Marathi Shala curriculum. Generally Marathi classes are conducted on Saturday/Sunday with 2.5 hrs of instructional time.

The student enrollment to Marathi Shala is open to all. BMM highly recommends all parents of Marathi Shala students to take a general membership of the local ​Maharashtra/Marathi ​ Mandal but it's not mandatory.

BMM Marathi Shala proudly presents the first E-ank, ANKUR 2013

by Dr. Radut.